Lisa Polite - Founder and CEO of La Polié Fragrances

by Lisa P on December 23, 2022



La Polié was born from a desire to create something that honors my past and empowers my future. As a child I watched my parents work extremely hard to ensure that me and my 4 siblings have what it takes to be productive members of society.

Growing up in Spanish Harlem in Lehman Village housing projects we faced many challenges and obstacles that could either make you or break you. Luckily I had parents that were stern. I actually feared my mother. Because of that fear there were behaviors that I wouldn’t engage in.

My mom's strictness was also met with discipline. Every Saturday my mom would wake us up bright and early in the morning to clean the house. And she would always have the music blasting, so we had to rise! I still remember the distinct smell of freshness and cleanliness when we were done. So now, as an adult I have to clean my house with the music blasting!

I hated the early mornings, but I grew to love all the different scents that would permeate our apartment. Smelling good has always been a part of my life. But those Saturday morning cleaning sessions with my mom is where my love of fragrance began. And today, as the proud founder of Phoenix 22 by La Polié, A luxury fragrance brand that will have you rising again and again. I declare my love of fragrance brings me into my future! - La Polié