Lisa Polite
Founder & CEO of
La Polie Beauty & Fragrances

I am an ambitious dream chaser who is determined to inspire women of color to embrace their beauty, confidence, and pursue their dreams fearlessly. As the Founder & CEO of La Poliè Beauty & Fragrances, my brand is dedicated to honoring unapologetic black women who have worked hard and deserve to indulge themselves while pursuing their goals.

Growing up in Harlem as a native New Yorker, I am no stranger to the value of hard work. Coming from a one-income household in the projects, I witnessed my father's dedication in providing for me and my four siblings. His lessons on hard work and chasing dreams have shaped me into the person I am today. I started working at the young age of 13, and now, after 22 years of service as a correctional officer, I am taking the biggest leap of faith by venturing into entrepreneurship. Retirement marks the beginning of my second act, where I have found my purpose in creating something that inspires women, particularly African American women, across America—La Poliè.

La Poliè was born out of the desire to showcase to the world that Black women deserve luxury and have a place as fragrance founders and entrepreneurs, even after the age of 50. After retiring in March 2017, I pondered over what was next for me. Still young and full of life, one evening while getting ready to go out with friends, I applied my favorite fragrance and thought to myself, "I should create my own fragrance!" It had always been a dream of mine to venture into the luxury space, and I knew that if I made it a reality, it would serve as an inspiration for women of color to pursue their own dreams. Encouraged by my sons, who said, "Mom, go for it!" La Poliè was brought to life. My name is Lisa Polite, and this brand is my legacy—an embodiment of self-trust, resilience, and a testament to becoming an inspiration for women of color everywhere.

Every experience in my past has led me to this very moment. From admiring the confident women on the train, elegantly dressed in their suits, to working at Alexander's as a young girl, surrounded by the intoxicating scents of luxury fragrances and mentored by women wearing mink coats. La Poliè is a fusion of childhood memories and a celebration of my life after 50. It perfectly encapsulates the essence of honoring my past while fearlessly moving forward into the future—sexy, confident, vibrant, and powerful!