The Five Types of Perfumes and Why You Need To Know

by Lisa P on December 07, 2022


Are you faced with the task of choosing your new scent and you've concluded that you love them all? So now you're juggling between an EDT and EDP, which you're not quite clear on, and you have no clue about which one to pick. Decisions, decisions, decisions?

For starters, learning the jargon will pay off. Words EDT and EDP are types of scents and actually mean something very specific — they're not just French words! And the significance they indicate is particularly clear with regard to the intensity of perfumes, their price, and their longevity. So, let's dive in!

What is the difference between perfume and toilette?

The most prominent difference between an eau de toilette and eau de perfume has to do with the concentration of oil in fragrances. Normally, eau de parfum is a more potent perfume than eau de toilette because eau de toilette contains lower concentration of oils.

Eau de parfum and eau de toilette are two distinctive scents, and the reality that they're a blend of perfume and alcohol is the reason for their differing scents. The scent is identical, regardless of the combined mass of the perfume and alcohol.

In short, higher perfume concentration indicates a higher percentage of essential substances and lesser alcohol.

The 5 Types of fragrances

There are Five different types of fragrances, including eau fraîche, eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and parfum.

Eau de cologne: Eau de cologne contains between 2 and 4 percent oil and will generally fade within one or two hours. Cologne is the brand name most commonly applied to the products of a man's perfume.

Eau de parfum: Eau de parfum has 15 to 20 percent oil and has a lasting duration of up to five hours. They are a favorite scent option. Many scents come in an EDP and EDT version.

Eau de toilette: An eau de toilette lasts for two to four hours and has between five and 15 percent of the base oil. It is one of the most popular fragrance choices because it last for long periods of time and it has a lower price point than edp or parfum.

Eau fraîche: It is comprised of an alcohol concentration ranging from one to three percent and from 87 to 100 percent water. It's a good choice for sensitive skin given its zero or low alcohol and high water content.

Parfum: Parfum, often referred to as simply perfume is the most concentrated scent. There are many that contain 20 to 40% oil and typically last about six-eight hours. It's another popular option for those with sensitive skin as it reduces the risk of dryness due to the low concentration of alcohol and is less likely to irritate.

The Cost Differences with fragrances

Because Eau De Toilets contain fewer perfume ingredients, you'll find that their prices are typically lower than the price for Eau De Parfums. Just keep in mind that since Eau De Parfums are more concentrated, you can use smaller amounts; whereas the cost between a conventional Eau De Toilet and EAU DE PARFUM is greater, paying particular attention to the concentrated nature of Eau De Parfum can be helpful in making a purchasing decision.

Fragrance duration and longevity?

The length of time that a fragrance lasts is also affected by its concentration. The fragrance concentration also impacts how strong the scent is.

It's often the case that eau de toilettes are made of smaller doses of perfume oils, so they frequently last only several minutes. High notes are the first scent released by a perfume, making it refreshing once it's first applied, though due to the alcohol content they evaporate from the skin quickly. An eau de toilette is the perfect type of fragrance to use on a regular basis, due to its convenient size and fresh scent.

While an eau de parfum remains longer than a eau de toilette, its middle notes or heart notes become stronger as it finishes after the top notes have faded away. With an eau de parfum, it's an excellent option as nightwear because of its powerful potency. Most will find that fragrances with lighter concentrations are best used during the day and fragrances like eau de parfum are better used at night.


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